Amber Heard, on her relationship with Johnny Depp: “I felt petrified by the monster”


In documents that leaked as part of the legal battle of the actor against the newspaper, The Sun, gave to know details of the testimony of the actress Source: File

The actress

Amber Heard

stated that she is referring to her ex-husband,

Johnny Depp

with the nickname “the monster” during the years in which he was married to the actor,

to who complained of gender-based violence in may of 2016

. The data arises from the testimony provided by the actress in the framework

the defamation lawsuit brought Depp against the Sun newspaper


the publication of the article, then entitled

“How can J. K. Rowling be ‘genuinely happy’ with the casting of the kicker of a female Johnny Depp

for the new film ‘ fantastic beasts?”


According to the documents

the content of which was announced by the portal The Hollywood Reporter

, Heard also claimed that Depp hit her with a phone in the house that both lived in California, leaving her with bruises on his face. The actress told the lawyer of the actor, the lawyer Blair Berk, that “the monster” was the nickname used to refer to

the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean

and he also autodenominaba the same way. “Johnny and I were referring to his other personality, that part of him that showed when he was beating me as ‘the monster’, we did that for many years, and I was petrified by the monster,” said the actress.

In regard to the incident of the phone, Heard told this it came to pass in may of 2016, and that Depp threw “as hard as I could, and that consequently she started screaming, so he took her by the arm and “broke a lot of things of glass that were left on the floor”. Also, in the documents consists that Raquel Pennington, a friend of Heard, he was a witness of the beatings that the actress had on her face and he saw Depp’s “hanging out” with a bottle of wine that would have been used to pull things of an allowance. Pennington stated that there are numerous photos of Heard in the that the may see him beaten, and asked them from time to time to the officers of police to “arrest immediately”.

However, Depp offered another version of the facts. The actor stated that he threw the phone into the chair and that it does not hit Heard, and that he never approached the actress or was violent with her. As to the pictures to which it refers Pennington, Depp said that he did not cause the bumps that are seen in the same, and that it was Heard who behaved in an “aggressive and violent” when he arrived late to his birthday party.

On the 22nd of February will be held the first hearing against

The Sun,

in which the lawyers Depp will present their evidence. Eric George, a lawyer for Heard, gave a statement about it. “The defamation constant of Mr. Depp and his violation of the confidentiality agreement is the subject of an instance of arbitration that is pending. We’re not going to give entity to their comments with another response”.