Angelina Jolie, ensure you are interested in a nephew of Lady Diana


Aseeguran that the actress Angelina Jolie now he has placed the eyes higher up and has climbed up to the royalty in the sentimental, assure, you’re in love!

According to strong rumors, point out that the protágonista of “Maleficent“we are interested in a very close relative to Lady Diana.

Although until now, has not confirmed anything, they point out that the ex-wife of Brad Pitt found “in love with“and you could be the nephew of the late Diana, princess of Wales.

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Meanwhile, the rumor has grabbed all the headlines and now that we came to some agreements with your former spouse, the actor Brad Pittwith respect to the custody of their children, this controversy is placed again in the center of media attention.

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If it is true, from her separation with the actor, the famous actress has not been linked to any other famous, aunqiue some time ago we saw him more happy and he came to rumorarse it could be a special someone the reason of your smile, in reality he never left any name to the light.

Now after some years separated from the protágonista of “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood“I would be ready to embark on a new relationship, according to the magazine NW, which suggests one of the names that could be the new reason of her smile would be Louis Spencer, nephew of the princess Diana.

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According to what detailed in the publication, and that has been picked up by various media, Jolie would have the intention of belonging to the “inner circle of royalty” as is “in love” and interested in approaching Louis Spencer.

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However, the royal and the nephew of the beloved “Diana of Wales“just 24 years old. So the difference with the actress it is abysmal and difficult to crerer.

That is not an impediment, to the actress you like the guy, as well as reveals the same publication the alleged interest of the actress lies in that he has “always felt that has much in common with the princess Diana“particularly by your concern of helping others.

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However, the other half was commissioned to overturn these rumors, tachándolos of “lies“already ensures that the only interest that exists in Angelina ahoita are their children, “in which is completely focused” and is not dating anyone, said the source.