Angelina Jolie, in the war against the “fake news”


The actress embarks on a new project that has nothing to do with the world of interpretation

Updated 02/02/2020 20:42

As a mother of six children, Angelina Jolie est particularly concerned by the proliferacin of false news on the Network. With a new initiative, the actress wants to give the youth the tools to learn how to distinguish what is real from what is false, and to understand how it works the information.

The false news, known as fake newshave become one of the ills of the TWENTY-first century. This fenmeno has erupted as a result of the enormous impact of new technologies, digitalizacin of journalism, as well as the rise of the clickbait by the afn to achieve clicks and ms clicks. This trend angry (and very much) to Angelina Jolie, who has pulled out his vein ms warrior for declare war on the fake news. To do this, the interpreter Innocence interrupted has joined forces with the BBC and Microsoft Education to create a program that will protect the new generations, the people ms vulnerable Network, cheating and lying.

Angelina Jolie has been working for many
Angelina Jolie has been working for many years as special envoy of UNHCR. Gtres

“As a mother, I am pleased to be able to support a program whose purpose is to help teenagers to learn more about the lives of other young men around the world and connect with each other,” explains the actress, who is also immersed in the filming of The Eternalthe new film of Marvel to get on the next 6 of November to the big screen. The ex of Brad Pitt to be the executive producer of BBC My World, the name that has been baptized this new program than to try to explain to the senior young men of 13 years how it works the information and the way to distinguish the real from the fake.

The actress Angelina Jolie with their children.
The actress Angelina Jolie with their children. Gtres

“I hope it will help the children to find the information and tools they need to make a difference in the topics that interest themusing a network of thousands of journalists and language services, viewing of the World Service of the BBC”, he continues the also an activist, a mother of six children, in a statement. The programs, which will have a duration of half an hour, will be submitted by Radzi Chinyaganya and Nomia Iqbal and will be issued Sunday at medioda through the BBC World News channel. However, in order to reach the public in different parts of the world, the episodes also will be translated to 42 languages and will be available in the channel Youtube of the chain.