Anitta thanks to Mariah Carey how important it has been for his career | Music


Anitta it is, without a doubt, one of the artists of the time. The brazilian singer has proved that she has reached the music industry to stay, becoming a performer of reggaeton’s most followed in Instagram. It has 40 million followers! Nothing wrong.

The past month of April, Anitta released their fourth studio album, Kisses, demonstrating his great creative ability. This is an album visual where he explores different genres of music: from the urban to the dance, going through topics more pop.

But his career as an artist would not have been the same without the inspiration of another great diva of the music: nothing more and nothing less than Mariah Carey. This Monday, August 19, Anitta has shared a very special post in your account of Instagram where he talks about how important it was to the interpreter Always Be My Baby in your life.

And it makes it fair on the day that the singer has begun to follow you on social networks. I can imagine how you have had to feel Anitta when he saw his biggest idol of the world follow you in Instagram!

Along with a photo with all the disks that have of Carey (which are few), Anitta has begun to write:

“My family has awakened in me today telling me that Mariah Carey I still. For those who don’t know, my mother and my two aunts were obsessed with it. When I was born, I crossed and I became a fan much larger. That’s why I started to say since I was little I wanted to be a singer. My uncle gave us all Christmas a new CD of Mariah Carey and celebrated by shouting (at that time we didn’t have money to buy them)”.

Anitta continues to relate that, by then, her aunts and her mother took turns holding the disk. In addition, the singer has assured that the first time you heard the concert of Mariah on the radio, is in tears of emotion.

With the ease with which we are accustomed Anitta, has finished explaining why he wanted to share this story with all your segudores:

I don’t give a fuck just be a follow on Instagram. I’m not trying to a feat, a meetup or a response here… actually I’m not trying to shit. Only I share the crazy that is life. I grew up with her in my heart and saw her as an inspiration unreachable. Now she knows who I am. It’s a fucking madness”.

Of course, the pop diva has responded to the post, saying that you praise so much their words. As we imagine Anitta in the house screaming with excitement:

“Anitta, you don’t even know what to say! Thank you for appreciating my music. I’m so proud of you for having made your dreams a reality! I hope to meet you soon, maybe soon in Brazil, one of my favorite places in the world! Love to you and to your family.”

Who knows, maybe in the next few months let’s see a photo of Mariah and Anitta by the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.