Anonymous binds to the Trump, Naomi Campbell and Will Smith with a network of trafficking of minors [Internacional] – 31/05/2020


Mexico city.- The international group of hacker Anonymous, known activism for social issues, only to reappear again in the network via a video that showed their position in regard to the most recent police abuse in the united States, in which he died George Floyd a citizen african-american, after being arrested and being subjected to great force.

In the statement, Anonymous promised dismantle and expose the network of corruption in the police and political officials in all the north american country, and this Sunday have published a list of personalities linked to the multi-billion dollar Jeffrey Epsteinconvicted for sexual abuse in 2008.

Among the names in the publication of the group include the president of the united States, Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka and his former wife Ivana, the model Naomi Campbell, several media personalities as Chris Evans, Alejandro Agag Aznar, Will Smith, Tony Blair, Michael Bloomberg, and a lawyer with the same name as singer Michael Jackson.

Jeffrey Epstein was a financial american convicted of trafficking of minors in the world elite and known as a sexual predator.

Up to the time of being charged with sex crimes in 2008, was known as a billionaire and trafficker of children with enormous political and social influence.

In 2005, the police of Palm Beach in Florida began to investigate it, after that a parent file a complaint for harassing her daughter of fourteen years. Epstein pleaded guilty, and a court of the State of Florida was convicted in 2008 for soliciting prostitution and to entice the prostitution of minors. He remained thirteen months in custody with work to get out, as part of its judicial agreement. In that process, we identified 36 adolescents, some fourteen years of age, who had been harassed.

Epstein he was arrested again on 6 July, 2019, on federal charges of trafficking minors in Florida and New York. On August 10 of 2019, it was reported that Epstein had committed suicide ahorcándose in his cell in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.

We already knew that Epstein had no relations with the power and that marketed their “services”. In fact, prince Andrew of England, she defended her friendship with him in an exclusive interview to the BBC after that Epstein was found dead in his cell covered by a mantle of suspicion.

If that were not enough, a recently published book (27/05) revealed that the former president of the united States Bill Clinton maintained amorous encounters with Ghislaine Maxwell, who is linked with the scandal of sex trafficking of children that starred in her former partner, Jeffrey Epstein.