Ariana Grande and the photo that boasts your pregnancy

Although at the start of the confinement mandatory, the singer Ariana Grande, was hidden in his incredible mansion in Los Angeles, now decided to come out of the shadows and with it more of a problem or a rumor. During this weekend, fans of the singer of “7 Rings”, said that the young man was in a state of pregnancy. After a few minutes, the rumor lit up the Internet and became a hypothesis.

It all began when the singer shared a story in its official account of Instagram, a publication that set off the alarms of its 188 million followers. As some of them raised the theory that Ariana was expecting a baby. Despite the fact that this video is not already in the account of the celebrity, for your duration of 24 hours, in the Big it receives to two people who bring what seems to be a gift.

This was the explanation of Ariana Grande

This caught the attention of fans, as you can see Ariana Grande holding the media gift, which is accompanied by three mylar balloons filled with helium. Two of them, with the face of cartoon animals, and another of blue color. In this same material audiovisial, you can see another man with a bag of gifts to pink in color. What could be hiding a young celebrity?

Despite this information that could be interpreted in many ways, it was able to distinguish that one of the balloons had recorded the phrase “Welcome Back” or the Spanish “Welcome back”. Perhaps these present that came to the mansion of the celebrity, could have another meaning. Although during all these last few weeks, the actress has been in the eye of the hurricane for various reasons, such as, for example, the alleged purchase of the first place in the Billboard.

It should be noted that the information that they have created their own followers became even more palpable after that Ariana Grande decided to share a selfie where there was a cot. The comments were so many that the american did not bore it over and repeated the phototo make reference to the children’s bed was the property of one of your pets and not part of a new member of your family.