Ariana Grande was part of the protests in Los Angeles, with a lineup of “Black Lives Matter”

The situation is increasingly delicate in the United Stateswith already several cities with organized protests against the racism systematic that you are suffering in the country. The tráigca death of George Floyd that was the spark that lit the fire of the rebellion that is happening in these moments in the united States. After several celebrities to comment on the injustice in their social networks, Ariana Grande it was a step beyond.

The singer of “7 Rings”, and the author of many other hits of pop, was in the street with the rest of the protestants. Ariana Grande was seen by a fan who rose to Twitter a picture of her in the streets of Los Angeles. In addition to participating in the protests, carried a sign “Black Lives Matter“. This phrase, although it was already being used in previous years, it became a cry of protest at the treatment suffered by the people african american at the hands of the police american.

“Ariana Grande is one of the greatest artists on the planet,” said @anthspears, who went up the photo. “Not only used his platform to express his anger and pain towards what is happening, but also participated in the street with the rest of the protestant”, touted for the Twitter user, along with emojis of hands clapping. The singer was seen with an outfit very simple and casual, nothing glamorous, and with a chin protector.

The ex-Nickelodeon also shared the events of the protest through their stories Instagram. Marched with thousands of people, and protested along with the rest. Ariana Grande was not the only celebrity who was present at this historic time for the nation. Also saw her in the street Halseythe singer so adored which recently brought out his latest album called Manic. Also saw her ex-boyfriend, the eccentric Yungblud.

The two of them were with also with barbijos while protested in downtown Los Angeles. However this city is not the only one who is in the middle of the protests right now. Also in Atlanta, a city with a high density of black population, there is proestas of which formed part Porsha Williams, actress of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Ariana Grande, for its part, had already shown support for the cause by asking via Twitter that his fans donate to charity.