Ariana Grande: “Your damn yoga class hip-hop can wait” | News


The health crisis arising from the coronavirus COVID-19 is putting you on alert to the governments of different countries try to contain the pandemic with different measures. However, despite the recommendations, some citizens do not seem to be taken seriously in this global alert. This is why international stars such as Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift they have launched a call to the confinement or quarantine on a voluntary basis.

At this point it seems the best solution that each person can do to a virus that is causing tens of thousands of infected and thousands of deaths all over the world. You have certainly seen several videos of people in parks, or party at the bars as if nothing happened. All of them are directed to these messages.

Ariana Grande, very pissed

“Your damn yoga class hip-hop can wait, I promise you.” This was the final message of a Ariana Grande that seems really pissed with the unconsciousness of some u.s. citizens and the rest of the world.

Shortly before had left in their social networks, tweet about how surprised I was with the situation: “I still listen to a surprising amount of people say that “this is not an important issue” that “we’ll be fine” or that “we have to move on with our lives” and that is something that is driving me crazy. I understand that I sintiérais so weeks ago but please read about what is going on. Please be not ye the blind. It is incredibly dangerous and reckless to take this situation lightly. The mentality of “we’ll be fine because we are young,” you are putting in a serious danger to people who are not young or less healthy. Sonáis stupid and as the privileged few, and that you need to worry more for others. As soon as possible”.

Lady Gaga, alert, and hope

Lady Gaga has always been one of those artists interested in everything around him. To share the fibromyalgia that have been reported with the best experts in the disease and has done the same with the coronavirus COVID-19. The Germanotta wanted to send a message of warning but also of hope.

“I’ve been talking with some doctors, and scientists. It is not something simple for around the world right now but the most healthy and logical in these moments that we can do is quarantine voluntary, and not be with people who are over 65 or in large groups. I would like to be able to see my parents and grandparents in this situation but it is much safer not to do it and I don’t want to make them sick in case you have it. I love you and we will get through this all together. Believe me, I’ve talked with god and she has told me that everything will be fine” posteaba on Instagram.

Taylor Swift asks for a sacrifice

Through their Instagram stories, Taylor Swift he has asked a sacrifice at all la his swifters: “I’m online and I love you and I need to express my preodupación because things are not being taken sufficiently seriously in these moments. I’m seeing many of you together being and many parties are still celebrating. This is the time to cancel plans and, in reality, to isolate themselves as much as possible and not assume that because you don’t feel sick don’t go to spread it to someone much older or more vulnerable than you. Moments are really frightening but we need to make sacrifices in social right now.”

Stay at home

Festivals as I stay in the house Festival and Quarantine Fest are offering entertainment to those who are doing quarantine voluntary home.

Artists and celebs have already sent their messages to encourage and educate people to make the confinement in their homes.