Ariana, Ms, Rat, Anna Kendrick, and other celebs that marched in this order


The celebs marched in this order to join the protests in the largest cities of the united States to demonstrate against the death of George Floyd.

Surely, these last few days you’ve been aware of the whole situation is so critical that the country is living from the past May 25 when he was arrested and killed by a police officer while doing their detention.

The summary: All of this is caused by an employee of the store went it seemed to him that the ticket of George was fake so they called 911, during his detention in a public way, dozens of people were witnesses of the aggressive procedure of capture and when it died by suffocation. The picture toured the world, I’ve made celebrities, brands, companies, the african-american community and other countries solidarizaran once more with the movement #BlackLivesMatter.

This weekend there were a number of marches by different regions, to which a few celebs attended. Some showed via Instagram what was going on and others were taken by fans:

Ariana Grande joined a protest in Los Angeles Saturday afternoon, where he wore a mask and a sign that said “Black Lives Matter.” In a protest different in Los Angeles was Halsey who registered on his Twitter account how the police officers were fighting against the crowds.

Among other celebs who marched are: Anna Kendrick, Michael B Jordan, Camille and Shawn Mendes, Em Rat, Paris Jackson, Ross Lynch, rapper Machine Gun Kelly, Madison Beer, and the star of One Tree Hill, Sophia Bush, who wore a shirt that said: “Officer, I’m lost, I’m looking for the land of the free with the same rights for all. It’s called America.”