At 29 years, the actress Margot Robbie does not sleep without…


At 29 years, and has been established as one of the actresses most desirable of the mecca of cinema, the actress Margot Robbie still not clear completely, despite its maturity, interpretive, and personal, of a dynamic very curious and seemingly comforting that you drag from his childhood.

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In fact, it was the interpreter who admitted in his latest interview that continues to sleep with his stuffed animal from childhood, a bunny called Bunny which virtually has not separated from arriving in the world.

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As was to be expected, your husband Tom Ackerleywith whom the australian and was married three years ago, it does not do too much grace to have to share a bed with a doll that his wife seems to give “priority” in his bed, so that no doubt and throw it to the ground when Margot it remains deeply asleep.

“My husband always throws the poor Bunny to the floor because, obviously, it seems quite ridiculous that I continue hugging him to sleep. You may be a little jealous of that Bunny occupy a priority place in our bed, so that as soon as you create that I fall asleep as I removed the hands,” joked the star of Hollywood in conversation with the magazine W.

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