Bad Bunny, between the cords for this song macho about Lady Gaga


Just a few days ago we were connoisseurs of the great surprise that we had prepared Anuel AA. The artist made us partakers of ‘Emmanuel’, his new album. Although it was already a news to celebrate by everything high, they saw exceeded their expectations when they were introduced to the collaborations that are included on the disk. Between such disparate artists was the name of the Bad Bunny.

The whole world was aware of the expected duet between the two. ‘Until God says,’ is the title of the song that already stood as one of the biggest surprises on the albumalthough he has only missed listening to the lyrics, that the expectations were dashed. This Bad Bunny has become the protagonist of today.

The machismo is very much present in this new issue of the singers and that has been the reason that has made puerto rican and trend during two consecutive days. Under the hashtag #BadBunnyIsOverParty, many users ask for the withdrawal of the song that Lady Gaga is one of the protagonists.

“You ere’ my Lady Gaga, I your Bradley Cooper. She swallows (Swallow), and I spit”he says in a moment of the song. In addition, it has not been the only allusion that has been made well-known artists. In ‘Until God says,’ also the name of Ricky Martin. With respect to the singer, both artists allude to his sexual orientation. “Tás so hard that even Ricky Martin wants to give you (Give you). You arrive’ and these sluts begin to envidiarte (Envidiarte)”, sings the artist. What will think the singer of ‘La Mordidita’ of all this?

The controversy is served. Although Bad Bunny has been stated on numerous occasions that it is not macho, the song has been put in doubt its credibility and its words. Despite the controversy the video for the song already over 50 million views on YouTube. A fact that could discourage artists will retract with the quoted topic. What shall be given to the great controversy?