Beyonc is pronounced by the death of George Floyd: we were All witnesses, in the full light of da


The american singer, Beyoncsome of the ms icnicas of the world art is sum to the wave of pronunciations about the death of George Floyd, which happened at the hands of a police of Minneapolis, in what has been billed as a “injusticial racial.”

The star indicates that this is a strong indication of discriminacin and I could not stay quiet to the terrible things that are happening in the world. Through a touching video, emiti your opinion about it.

Floyd, unfortunately, I lost the life after the body of safety to put his knee on the neck and pressed until it’s unconscious, despite the fact that this asked several times to stop.

“We need justice for George Floyd. We were all witnesses … to the full light of day. We are destroyed and we feel disgusted, we cannot normalize this pain”.

The composeras many famous, and showed his indignacin and especially for this issue, which has years in the united States, as she also belongs to this marginalized group, by their difference of race.

“Do not see us as second-class human. We cannot continue looking the other way, l is to our family because it is a fellow-countryman”.

The discriminacin of race is something that will live on in many parts of the world, but especially in the pas-natal the interpreter Halo, what did a call to cease this type of treatment and compliance with the law as it should be.

Beyonc culmin reiterating that the arrest of a person guilty for the death of George Floyd does not mean that it has attained to righteousness by complete, as several policemen were involved.