Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: so you are reinventing (and succeeding) separately


Once upon a time in Hollywood… I think so! To dedicate it to my children, which colour everything that I do. I adore you!”. With the statuette in hand, the tuxedo marking figure, the lustrous mane and the iconic smile, Brad Pitt completed one of the great reinventions of the recent history of Hollywood. Just three years before, his public image had reached rock bottom. Newly separated from Angelina Jolietheir process of divorce it is complicated at times. The actor was investigated by the FBI to clarify what happened in that private jet, where he and his eldest son, Maddoxhad a confrontation that crystallized five days later in the divorce papers that Jolie filed in a court in Los Angeles, in September of 2016.

The case was filed, but the damage seemed irreparable. “His image has undergone many ups and downs throughout his life: has been the man most sexy in the world and has formed the perfect couple with Jennifer Aniston. Later, he became the bad boy that broke her heart. He was part of the mark Brangelina and, when divorced, she returned to the worst record”, parses Evan Nierman, an expert in public relations and founder of Banyan Network, an agency specialized in strategy and crisis management.

“I wanted to bring my mother, but every time I have a woman next to me say that I am coming out with it,” said Brad Pitt at the Golden Globes.

Pitt has given the return to the tortilla. Or, as we would say in the jargon of the industry, has “changed the narrative”. His first strategic move was to grant a interview eight months after the separation. Published in GQ, the holder summed up the spirit of the confession to the open grave: “Brad Pitt talks about divorce, how to has left the alcohol and is becoming a better man”. “Talk about an addiction we know that it works. You humanizes and serves as a defense. It also gives time to disappear for a season”, says Nierman. But you have to be honest. Or seem so. “And he has always sounded authentic,” he says.

While the former couple resolved their separation, the actor was preparing the ground to resurrect his battered image and, of step, propel your career. Your friend Quentin Tarantino gave one of the two protagonists of once Upon a time in… Hollywood. He gave one interview after the other, strolled through the festivals of Cannes and Venice, became her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio in the bromance of the year and grabbed headlines of the tabloid press going to the 50th birthday of Jennifer Aniston. “It has concentrated on what made him a star: his talent, sympathy, charm and smile”, values Howard Bragman, CEO of LaBreaMedia, a public relations agency located in Los Angeles.

When he started the awards season, half the work was already done. The other half were his speeches of thanks, in which polished the art of laughing at oneself. “This role has been a challenge… A guy who likes to put on, take off the shirt and did not get on well with his wife,” he said when collecting his prize of Union of Actors. To win the Golden Globe, he did it again: “I Wanted to bring my mother, but every time I have a woman next to me say that I’m going out with her.” He confessed that he helped “some friends very funny”. “It is not a bad thing, proof that you are serious about what to show the best part of himself,” says Nierman.

Angelina Jolie with five of the six children of the couple, at the premiere of Maléfica: Master of evil.

Angelina Jolie with five of the six children of the couple, at the premiere of Maleficent: Mistress of evil.

And it came to the picture. Your reunion public, 15 years later, with Jennifer Aniston in the awards of the Union of Actors: smiles and glances, the undeniable chemistry, the hand of him touching her… Perfect. How Casual? “We’ll never know, but it was a gesture brilliant,” says Bragman. Twenty days later, Pitt collected his Oscar, and spiking the nth speech of thanks. “This goes beyond a campaign to make sure the Oscar. Want to redefine your image. People want to do business with who they like”, says Nierman.

Angelina Jolie has kept a lower profile. Had almost anything that promote, and in addition two of her daughters (has not specified which ones) have been convalescing after paths operations (also unspecified). During the pandemic donated a million dollars to fund a child nutrition program, and warned in an article in Time magazine about the effects of the confinement on the most vulnerable children. “It has also gone through all sorts of phases: actress sexy from the beginning, the awkward girl who was married to Billy Bob Thornton, the woman who broke the marriage of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, the devoted mother of six children, the humanitarian ambassador of the United Nations,” says Nierman. The image that will be projected as of now is still an unknown. Jolie, which for a season threatened not to re-stand in front of a camera, could again become the actress most sought-after Hollywood: it will be the star of The Eternalthe new franchise of Marvel.

Alia Shawkat, who has been linked with Brad Pitt.

Alia Shawkat, who has been linked with Brad Pitt.

Three and a half years after their separation, the private life of the two stars is a secret to be impregnable. Jolie has no known new relationships. At most, some information that says that the star “has had several appointments” in the last few months. To your ex he has been linked with several women with first and last names. From rumors directly false (see Margot Robbie or Charlize Theron), to relationships never confirmed, but widely commented on, such as that attributed to him with the professor of architecture at MIT Neri Oxman or the guru holistic of the stars Sat Hari Khalsa. More recently, his relationship with actress and screenwriter Alia Shawat has aroused a particular interest in the american press. Anyone confirm if theirs is a friendship or something more.

Three years after their break-up, Brad and Angelina are so fascinating and hypnotic separately and together. You can already write the next chapter of its history. Once upon another time in Hollywood.