Britney Spears may not re-marry, this is the reason


Britney Spears can’t get marriage due to a legal problem that has led to their fans to create the hashtag #FreeBritney (free Britney).

According to the magazine Forbes, the father of the singer still has a control legal about all her actions, due to the collapse that was in 2007.

According to what dictates this asthe singer should obey your father in terms of the actions legal that you can perform. This entails the sales of its propertiesthe guardianship of their children and even the collapse marriage.

Fans impose the #FreeBritney

Despite the fact that the interpreter Baby One More Time it has been shown in love with personal trainer Sam Asghari and your relationship has been published on several occasions in networks socialthese will not be able to go to the altar, because Jamie Spears do not believe that the union is a convenient.

Fans of the singer have been shown against this and usually ask to be given freedom the starwho has not been able to decide what happens with his life from the mental breakdown that led her to cut all of the hair.

Total Control

The interpreter had several problems with their couples sentimental in the past, even already had a divorce with the dancer Kevin Federline, so that the parent of Britney hopes that it does not fall back into complications.

In September last year, a judge reduced the amount of time that the singer could see their childrenbecause that felt that was not suitable for take care of they.

By: Writing Digital The Herald Mexico