Britney Spears: out of the ashes to the glory, competes with Lady Gaga


Not in vain Britney Spears is the “princess of pop” since the year 1992, the date on which it debuted as a singer. In addition, it is an open secret the times he has had to deal with his panic attacks or depression. But she has managed to rise from the ashes; such a Phoenix. Now it was proposed to walk towards the glory with a new project that has a low sleeve, for the eternal happiness of his followers.

It turns out that the diva launched, in full quarantine, the topic Mood ring turning the alarms of their fans, who were hungry for new music. But there is a particular detail that is not overlooked: the simple is not new, in its entirety. Because it belongs to a former plate in its japanese version that Britney released in the year 2016. This is from the album entitled “Glory”. So surprisingly the ex-girlfriend of Justin Timberlake reclaims its space in the industry.

But, how did this move? It turns out that in the platform of iTunes, the album “Glory” he had a good impact weeks ago; in fact, it reached the position number 1. Then, the interpreter of “Lucky” came up with a great idea: to renew the cover of this CD. The first thing he did was to give the good news in its profile of Instagram: “Reutilicé this since we are not using it … You wanted a new album cover … here you have it. I hope that you put #MoodRing very high”.

Britney Spears as a goddess

The artist is 38-year-old dazzled its more than 24 million followers on the network of hearts. As in the new cover looks at Spears in a desert, lying on the arid soil. In addition, she wore a bikini in golden color, which revealed her curves. As a complement to the image, there are a few chains around them. So “Mood ring” is here to stay. On the other hand, this resurgence of Britney Coarse coincided with that of Lady Gaga, who premiered “Rain on me” last Friday, may 22.

Now, the born in Mississippi is a trend in the media. Since they already started the rumors of whether this simple would be part of his new musical production. It also raised suspicions that it is working in a recording studio. However, to date, has not confirmed anything, and since the subject is located within the top positions on the billboards of reproduction of the united States.