Britney Spears publishes new issue after four years and the playlist dosmilera that we will encourage the Monday


How many summers we will be reminded of Britney Spears with her music this time of year is for enjoying and having fun? Now, with the pandemic of the Covid-19, there is greater need than ever for a good dose of music dosmilera that will bring us back a little of the best of the old world and that the Princess of Pop he knows well and, of course, we have been granted two-fold.

For a start, the artist has made a playlist for Apple Music with the biggest hits of the early years of the TWENTY-first century, including your own. That is to say, all great songs: starting with Toxic and passing by Music Madonna, Genie In A Bottle Christina Aguilera, Can’t Get You Out Of My Head Kylie Minogue or Crazy in Love of .

I Miss Y2K Pop is the name of the list of music that has been coupled with the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of their second album and you can hear it in full in the music platform of Apple, and on iTunes.

“These songs remind me of the time in which it was published Oops… I Did It Again, that was a very special period for me”, he has written for Spears to present the playlist. “I hope you love it as to me.” Although, of all people, highlights three themes that are your favorites.

It is Always Be My Baby Mariah Carey, because he confesses that the music diva is one of the reasons why she started to sing; Crazy In Love BeyoncĂ©’s because it always gives you want to dance and Cowboy Take Me Away of Dixie Chicks, a song that, after so many years, it is still making it remember how it is to fall in love with.

In addition, after four years waiting for new music, Britney has a new single. It’s called Mood Ring and the truth is that the launch is a bit of cheat because it appeared for the first time in the luxury version of japanese album in 2016 Glory. Although it was unprecedented for the rest of the world.

However, the fans were so eager to Britney and this song has come up the post number 1 of the list of hits iTunes. This has motivated the artist to re-publish the album with the new song for all and a new cover with a picture never seen before. It appears the artist lying in a bikini on a few strings, in the middle of the desert.

For the moment, this is all with what we’re going to have to settle.

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