Camila Cabello talked about the love and not mentioned it to Shawn Mendes: do you cut?


Camila Hair, which is located in England recording a remake of Cinderella, it was cited by the magazine Vogue to answer the famous questionnaire of 78 questions. There, the artist unveiled many things, among them, what is your look on love and, against any odds, surprised the fanatics not to mention in no time, Shawn Mendes, her boyfriend.

In The Viola we review some of his outstanding confessions. After hundreds of rumors about her relationship with the canadian artist we asked: do you still together?

1. Do you need to be in love to write love songs?

“Not necessarily, but when you’re in love with the details that you put into the songs… no one can create them in your imagination, the way they smell the shirt of a person, the gesture on your face, the way they saw the sky that night. Those details must come from real life.”

2. What’s more important that a man must have is…?

“Generosity. I surrender to a man, kind and good”.

3. What’s more romantic that you have done for you is…?

“A lady never tells”.

4. Are you a romantic 24/7?

“I’ve always thought a lot on the romance. I am definitely a romantic incorrigible. I love to love”.

5. How do you know when a song is finished?

“You just know. It is like falling in love, just know when you love a person. You can feel that the pieces of the puzzle fit, it is perfect and you’ve captured it all, what you have painted everything. It is a perfect photo. And after you know when it is finished, and you do not have to work more on that.”