Cara Delevingne and Jane Fonda join forces for the Amazon


Cara Delevingne and Jane Fonda next to Face Activists and personalities from the show as Carlos Santana, Sting, Morgan Freeman join forces in favor of the Amazon, where deforestation progresses without brakes during the pandemic coronavirus.

Along more than three hours of the broadcast, the internet, Hollywood celebrities, musicians and representatives of indigenous alerted that the virus affects so critical to the communities that protect the largest tropical forest on the planet with a result: Your destruction is accelerating.

Deforestation in the amazon rainforest, climbed a 64 % just in April 2020compared with the same month of the previous year and the forecasts are pessimistic for the future.

“The coronavirus has a devastating effect on indigenous communities that protect the forest, which are very vulnerable to the pandemic,” warned the musician Carlos Santana in one of the interventions of Artists for the Amazon region”.

Over 92,000 cases

The event is framed in a campaign that seeks to raise funds to provide medical care and evacuate to in case of need to the communities that have settled in this natural region that covers nine countries.

Currently hasand over 92,000 cases and 5,000 deaths associated with the coronavirus along the Amazonreported to the founder of Amazon Watch, Atossa Soltani.

The actress Oona Chaplin (“Game of Thrones”) served as conductor of the appointment.

“Not eloans just to raise moneyalso to raise awareness and inform of the hand of those who know best the situation,” he explained.

To Chaplin joined the academy award winner Jeff Bridges to remember that the Amazon is fundamental to “regulate the planet’s climate” because, in addition to provides 20% of the oxygen and retaining carbon emissions.

Both gave the floor to representatives of indigenous, Spanish, Portuguese and English, denounced the violence with which they act is the criminal groups in their settlements.

For his part among the known faces, the model and actress Cara Delevingne called “ecocide” the destruction of the natural ecosystem and claimed more attention of the international community.

“The deforestaciĆ³n is wrapped up in practices which include slavery, human trafficking and money laundering”, he added for his part, the pianist Herbie Hancock.

Music of Sting

Several performances music was interspersed between the speeches, like the one offered Sting, who performed the theme “Fragile“, whose lyrics -“all born under a star angry, do not forget how fragile we are”- gained new meaning.

On the estrellas spoke after Barbra Streisand: “There are more trees in the Amazon region, who stars in the milky way”.

Although it was Morgan Freeman, who gave the message of hope to remember “now we have an unprecedented opportunity to do things different and better.”