Cara Delevingne: “Harvey Weinstein told me that he never would succeed being a lesbian” | People and Celebrity


The shadow of Harvey Weinstein continues to be elongated in the entertainment industry. In addition to being accused of sexually assault two women —his trial will take place throughout this month— are still coming to light inappropriate behavior that the film producer had with different characters, more or less known, in the world of the show. The last to speak has been Cara Delevingne, model, actress and activist, who has counted all the inappropriate words that the founder of Miramax had with her.

In an interview with the portal of fashion Net-a-porterthe british has spoken about his work, since they now stars Carnival Row, a fantastic series Amazon Prime Video, along with Orlando Bloom, in which he plays the fairy refugee Vignette in victorian London. In the same, in addition, speaks of how it has always been open as to their sexual preferences; in fact, now comes out with the actress Ashley Benson. And it also explains how that marked his experience with Weinstein.

In October 2017, Delevingne already told that Weinstein had tried to kiss her after a work meeting. “One of the first things that I said Harvey Weinstein was: ‘Never you will have success in this industry by being a lesbian,” she recalls. This happened, says, “long before he attempted to touch me”. “When I started to do cástings for movies he started saying names of people, of women, of which I am a friend, famous women, and I wondered: ‘have You slept with this?’. I thought that was crazy.”

Delevingne is an activist for the cause LGTBQ and does not doubt in abanderarla. Shortly after the interview for Net-a-porter flying to a summit to talk about it. “For the 30% of the people that will be in that room, it is still illegal to be homosexual in their countries, so I’ll be talking about my experience as part of the collective, and I will also talk about climate change. I want to talk about a lot of people in 20 minutes,” says happy.

Considered in its 27 years, the model best paid in the Uk, Delevingne was one of the first famous report the abuse of Weinstein. But also wanted to count the reasons why, in some moments, he decided to remain silent to cases of abuse through the movement Why don’t you denouncethat came to light a year ago. “I felt ashamed by what happened and didn’t want to ruin publicly the life of someone, despite the fact that [él] it would have ruined mine,” he explained on his Twitter account with 10 million followers.

In October 2017, Delevingne explained that the famed producer suggested him to do a threesome with another woman: he refused and he lunged for it. But then he felt fear and shame of telling it, as he wrote in Instagram in a publication that was more than half a million I like: “I had so many doubts tell you what happened…I didn’t want to hurt your family. I felt guilty, as if I had done something wrong. I was terrified that this kind of thing would have happened to so many women that I know, but that no one would have said anything for fear”.