Cardi B asks you to vote for “taking the true power”


Cardi B has asked the people that “take the power” exercising your right to vote after the widespread outrage and the protests that have erupted in the united States and in all the world by the death of George Floyd.

Cardi B has made observations of the circumstances after murte of George Floyd catalogándolas as disgusting and claiming that many people who protest have been “left without a choice.”

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“It’s really frustrating… the police brutality has been happening even before I was born. But it has become more visual since social networks began to explode.. how many peaceful protests we have seen? How many hashtags have we seen them? These hashtags are repeated”.

Cardi B continued claiming that he feels that he has made several videos against police brutality since they have lost their teeth and that since then the only thing that has changed are its teeth.

“The people are tired of show that is like: ‘Oh, the bastards are educated and could take the adult form and current peacefully’. The people are tired of that, so now this is what the people have to resort”.

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Cardi assure you that the only way that the people have power “is voting for.”

“And when I say vote I am not just talking about the president,” said Cardi in reference to the November presidential elections.

Cardi B it brings people like Travis Scott, Jay-Z and Lizzo to speak in public after the death of Floyd and the protests later.