Cardi B shuts up a critic who commented on the appearance of his daughter Kulture


Cardi B is not left ignore this tweet about her daughter.

Rapper Grammy winner is famous for being the proud mother of Kulture Kiari Cephusof 1 year, who received the Offset in July of 2018. After it was born the small, the famous couple made an effort not to share his first-born in the social networks. .

“As soon as she was born, a month after he said, ‘She is so beautiful. Look at how the people will become crazy’. Because a lot of people saying bad things, like not to publish it because it is ugly. He said, ‘I’m about to publish my baby right now’. But then we were very worried because we received many threats, so he said, ‘The world didn’t even deserve to see it’,” recalled Cardi previously in Harper’s Bazaar.

As she explained to the magazine at that time, finally began to share photos of your daughter because hide was affecting his daily life. However, as evidenced by an interaction recent Twitter, Cardi still struggle against the criticisms of his little daughter.

In a tweet deleted, captured by Hollywood Unlocked, Cardi replied to someone who said that Kulture “is not the most cute”.

“My daughter is by far the most beautiful, bitch, so calm down with your gums great”, he replied in the tweet, since deleted. “This is a tweet fake. Stupid bitch, play with your mother or in traffic, but don’t disturb the mine.”

When the person responded with “It’s called an opinion,” Cardi did not hold back.

“Okay, and this is a fact, bitch, YOU’RE TRASH… you’re lucky that I’m a woman changed, is a violation of both your children that you’d hate the father of your babies for them. Don’t disturb my daughter,” he said in another tweet that then deleted it.

The star left a tweet with a photo of his small, next to which he wrote, “Bitch, who is not linda?”