Company water bottles recycled, the son of Will Smith and is valued at more than $ 100 million


During the 21st birthday of Jaden Smith, his father, Will Smith, published a video in their social networks, where gave to know several aspects of your child that many were unaware of, one of them was his concern for the care of the oceans around the world.

This concern was what motivated Jaden to create the company JUST Water, a company that is dedicated to sell water in bottles made of recyclable materials.

From the 2015, father and son have been given the task of building a sustainable company whose main objective is to preserve the environment and that’s why their methods of production seek to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Container JUST Water

The container manufactured by the company of the Smith’s is made up by role (82%) and the cap is made with cane sugar. And the water is 100% spring north of the state of New York.

To grow the company hired as a CEO, in 2017, to Ira Laufer, who had an experience of 17 years in food companies.

In two years at the helm of the company, Laufer reached an exclusivity agreement with the company IKEA Australia to provide its products. And it is during the signing of that contract when the management noted that the valuation of the company of Jaden was nearing the $ 100 millions of dollars.

“JUST Water now sold in 10 countries of the world, this is how it has factories and facilities for the traffic jam in the united States, United Kingdom and Australia,” said Laufer to the middle of last year when it was announced the contract with IKEA.

Its upturn is due, in large measure, to the convening power of Will and Jaden Smith, the ambassadors ‘ most important brand in the market.

In each event where they participate to show the product which they feel more proud to be a part of. “The vision that we have is to do good for the planet”, ensures Jaden.