CRITICAL – Lady Gaga is back but where is the spark?


In the 12 years since Lady Gaga released her first album, the singer has shown that he knows how to create a great album.

“The Fame” was danceable and intelligent. “The Fame Monster” was an epic adventure into the darker side of his mind. “Born This Way” entretejía brilliantly elements of house and rock with its characteristic pop. Maybe it had a hiccup with her album album “ARTPOP”, but I had direction and character. “Joanne” was a collection of deep and emotional songs that paved the way for the sound of “Star is Born”, an album flawless which captures all of the great features of Gaga.

Now comes “Chromatica”, their sixth studio album and their return to the sound of electro dance-pop that became a pop star with multiple certifications platinum.

It is an album made for the clubs, although in this pandemic that is equivalent to dance alone in front of the mirror.

But instead of contonearte at the pace of the album, you’ll want to maintain a social distancing from him.

“Chromatica” is a disappointment from one of the best voices of the pop. The production, which is basic, is the biggest problem of the album, and the sound level does not help to give life to the topics heavy on the album as it has managed to Gaga in the past.

BloodPop is the main producer and was co-creator of most of the songs on the project. But there were others involved including Max Martin, Skrillex, Ryan Tedder, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Justin Tranter, BURNS, Rami Yacoub and Tchami. Too many cooks at the stove could be the reason for the missing flavor to the album, where was the salt?, where was the spark?

“Alice”, one of the best songs among the 16 tracks on the album, has Gaga singing “My name isn t Alice/But I’ll keep looking, I’ll keep looking for Wonderland” (my name is not Alice/ but I keep looking, I keep looking for the Country of the Wonders).

Your search will not end with “Chromatica”, this feels like a watered down version of Gaga creative that we all love.

In an interview to promote the album, Gaga explained that the “Free Woman” is about a sexual abuse that he suffered, and “Rain on Me” was part of his problems with the drink. The issues are real, at times extremely hard, and Gaga has the merit of sharing the feelings and experiences of his real life in his music.

But the production of the album does not serve as the best vehicle to deliver such deep emotions. And his vocal performance, surprisingly flat and not very memorable, nor does it help. Sometimes it feels as if Gaga is not even present.

Some of the lyrics also feel desganadas. In “Plastic Doll” sings: “I’ve lived in a pink box os long/I am top shelf, they built I strong” (I’ve lived in a pink box for too long/I’m on top of the ledge, made me strong).

Gaga has better results in songs such as “Replay”, “911” and “Babylon” although those songs you feel like tracks discarded “Born This Way”.

But the majority of “Chromatica” it is problematic. The first single, “Stupid Love”, is not memorable; “Enigma” is predictable, and to have Ariana Grande on the rhythmic but mediocre “Rain on Me” cries out: “I WANT A HIT THERE. 1 NOW”.

Without going into a lot of depth, the best way to describe “Chromatica” would be low.