Demi Lovato shares a few unexpected images with her boyfriend


Demi Lovato is going through the quarantine phase more sweet of his courtship with Max Ehrinch. The couple confirmed at the beginning of the crisis of the coronavirus that they were together and, since then, we have been able to see more and more signs of affection in social networks.

Although the artist of ‘Sorry not sorry’ uses its publications in Instagram to promote your work, in their stories we can see daily thousands of videos of your dog and your boyfriend having a great time in the mansion where they are confined.

Demi Lovato seems to go very serious with producer Max Ehrinch. In fact, has already wanted to make some snapshots with your boyfriend permanently in your account. If at the beginning of may, he appeared with his photography magic, now he has shared one posed very sexy in the pool.

The interpreter has uploaded some selfies in which we can see to Ehrinch embraced her in the water, both with wet hair, swimming trunks and a striking sun glasses red. It seems that you are having a great time taking a dip and enjoying their relationship.

In the photo it would read “Ilysfmiai” an abbreviation of “I love you so much it’s actually insane”, that is to say, “Want you so much that is really crazy”. Comment by Max answered him in the same way in the publication. It is clear that they are not hidden in any way.

Demi Lovato also wanted to use the attention that they have their social networks to change the focus of your relationship. What has led to the social injustice that right now is filling in the united States and the world of the protests against the police brutality. The singer has shared the best ways of supporting the protesters from the house and to the family of the late George Floyd. So follow the example of many artists that are doing everything possible to help, as they did with the coronavirus.