Director of Suicide Squad blames Deadpool for the failure of your film


Thanks to the confirmation of the launch of the Snyder Cut Justice League, David Yesterday joined the conversation by revealing the existence of the Yesterday’s Cut of Suicide Squad through the social networks. The news brought more questions than answers for the fans, which the director has had to respond via Twitter. One of the last questions revealed that Deadpool (2016) and Batman v Superman (2016) were the cause of various creative changes of Suicide Squad to condemn it to failure.

Suicide Squad

In accordance with We Got This Covered, Warner Bros. intervened in the history of Suicide Squad after the disappointment criticism of the tape of Zack Snyder by the tone so dark that characterized her. In particular, the study sought to lighten the plot led by Joker and Harley Quinn, and that, in principle, according to the director, a drama that is touching, profound and serious. Also, David Yesterday blamed the success of Deadpool as one of the factors that WB would change the tone of the tape.

“This trailer reflected the tone and the intention of the film that I did. Methodical. In layers. Complex, beautiful and sad. After the reviews Batman v Superman shocked senior officers at that time, and the success of Deadpoolmy pathetic drama became a ‘comedy‘”.

In addition to the tone dark, serious and dramatic yet the original version of Suicide Squadthe filmmaker explained that the leaders boasted of a background that is much more interesting and even inspired by the work of Christopher Nolan.

“This turned to film because the tone was ‘too dark’. My first event was a film built in the normal way. I was inspired by [Christopher] Nolan. There were actual scenes with a performance that is incredible between Jared [Leto] and Margot [Robbie]. Joker was terrifying. Harley was complex“.

Remember that Suicide Squad it was an attempt on the part of Warner Bros. and DC Comics to build the so-called DCEU. But, as we know, the results were unfavorable, not so much at the box office, but critical. With a budget of $175 MDDthe tape of the villains of DC Comics reached a profit of a little over $700 BILLION.

Now Harley Quinn and company will look to redeem himself in the hand of James Gunn with The Suicide Squad, which has a premiere agreed for the next 6 of August of 2021. It should be noted that recently the director of Guardians of the Galaxy spoke in favor of the happy Yesterday Cut.