Do we need another movie of Christmas? This trailer with Emilia Clarke could convince you


movie christmas holiday emilia clarke last christmas trailer to convince you
Photo: IMDb, Last Christmas (2019)

If you haven’t seen our recent posting on Instagram of the account Progress Barthe 2019 is already 63% complete, which means that we only need 37% of the year (calculations that are scary), and in brief since we will begin to see pan de muerto in the office and ornaments Christmas in the supermarket, so once you talk about movies for christmas.

Let’s face it, every year we see exactly the same movies of Christmas ALL life; as “My poor little angel” (1990), “the Santa Clause” (1994) and “The Grinch “(2000), but it’s been two decades since they were released, and already it is fair and necessary have a new classic christmas, and we will give it to Emilia Clarke in the movie “Last Christmas” (2019).

movie christmas holiday emilia clarke last christmas trailer to convince you
Photo: GettyImages, Emilia Clarke

Named for the song of the same name of 1984 of the british duo Wham! (George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, split up two years later), the romantic comedy with a dash of drama “Last Christmas”, promises to be a success house that will leave you with “goose bumps”. I assure you, you will see it for the first time this 2019 and repeat each year.

Starring the actress british Emilia Clarke (known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones) as Kate and the English actor-malaysian, Henry Golding, as Tom, the story is set in London and the plot will the relationship antagonist Kate with his mother Adelia (Emma Thompson), and how claimed after almost dying.

This movie was directed by Paul Feig, the same director of “Bridesmaids” (2011), was co-written by Emma Thompson, Bryony Kimmings and Greg Wise. In addition, for the fans “Crazy Rich Asian” (2018), also appears Michelle Yeoh (Eleanor, the mother of Nick) as the head of Kate. This new classic christmas will be released in cinemas on 8 November.