Do you dare to see Mariah Carey in a bikini without Photoshop? Eye to the photo


There are many celebrities that, sooner or later, there ends up being a mockery on the social networks. Now he has touched the turn Mariah Carey. And is that, as you well point their haters since many years ago, the singer “it is not the same when you remove the Photoshop”.

Carey, who has one of the best voices on the planet, has always boasted of “hot body”, as pointed out by many of their most faithful fans. However, as has been discovered in recent times, the Photoshop has helped me a lot to create this image.

The picture of Mariah Carey without Photoshop

His detractors more battle-hardened, know, and do not hesitate to try to leave in evidence to the singer every time you can on social networks. Now they have done a comparison where you can see Carey in bikini with and without Photoshop.

And of course, the differences are so “beasts” that many have been left with the mouth open. In fact, even their defenders are more faithful have had to recognize that, in the end, this excessive use of Photoshop that has always made Mariah in your photos just by turning against you.

My mother is a scandal,” “But if you have removed five kilos”, “And then say that this woman has a tipazo”, “Me flipo with Mariah Carey”, “What is certain is that he knew that I worked in her photos, but I never imagined that the change would be so beast” or “If it is in the end remaining in ridiculous they are…don’t need to lie” these are just some of the many comments in this regard.

Comments to which, as is well known by those who know very well Mariahthe singer makes no case. And is that Carey it is so diva that even ignores this kind of controversy. In the end, seeing his successful career, it seems that a lot of the critique has life more than it solved.


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