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Kentucky has given the world two things are supremely important: the fast-food chain KFC and the actress Jennifer Lawrence. Precisely in such a state of the united States he was born 28 years ago to the artist winner of 3 Golden Globe awards, a BAFTA, a SAG and an Oscar. JLaw is regarded as the actress of the youth most talented of north America for its involvement in Hollywood blockbusters such as The Hunger Games, X-Men, American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbok and Joy.
The actress spent 12 years in the industry and has had epic times that have made her a favorite of the press in a few moments by his grace and enemy when he is rude with the media and journalists.

Here we have 9 great moments from Jennifer Lawrence.

1) Fall Oscar
In 2013, Jennifer, of 22 years, won the Best Actress Oscar, when you set out to receive the award became entangled with the dress and fell in front of the entire auditorium. His fall saw more than 30 million people through television. ¡Epic moment!


2) Answers to the press
After winning the Oscar had one of the press conferences, most curious of all times. The actress responded nervously, made funny comments that were filled with laughter to the attendees at the press room of the awards

3) Dress broken
In the SAG of 2013 also her dress broke at the time of going to pick up another award for Best Actress.

4) Faces
JLaw has a face very expressive, and has not hesitated to make faces and funny at the photographers on the red carpet.

5) Bad wave with the journalists
Several interviewers say that the actress is tough with them, does not give the hand much less kisses and responds to the kicks. Here are two examples

6) Harvey Weinstein
Dozens of women in the industry accused Harvey Weinstein of overdo it with the actresses. The actress said not to be a victim of the producer, but he emphasized that he lost respect for one of the biggest names in Hollywood. This was his statement: “What he has done is criminal and deplorable, when it came out and I found out I wanted to kill him,” said the Oscar winner. The way in which it has destroyed the lives of so many women. I want to see him in jail.”

7) Versace
In February causes a cold bastard in London, and many thought it unthinkable to go out into the street with short dresses or plunging. During the premiere of the film Operation Red Sparrow wore a suit of Versace, which was criticized by the thousands in nets. The response of JLaw was blunt:
“I don’t really know where to begin with this controversy of ‘Jennifer Lawrence wearing a dress revealing. This is not only completely ridiculous, I am extremely offended. That dress Versace was fabulous, do you believe that I’m going to cover that beautiful dress with a coat and a scarf?
This is sexist, it is ridiculous, it is not feminist. Sobrerreaccionar about everything that someone says or does, create controversy for things is silly and innocuous as what I choose to dress or not dress, not taking us forward”.

8) Drinks
Not afraid to say that he loves to get drunk and enjoy drinking. Three beers for the lady, please!

Happy birthday Jennifer!