Father of Beyonce aware that she was diagnosed with breast cancer


Mathew Knowles, the father the queen of pop Beyoncé, revealed that he was diagnosed with a breast cancer and urged the men to be considered always even if it is a condition that is present more in women.

“I am a survivor of breast cancer,” said Knowles in a interview with the television network ABC broadcast this Wednesday October 2, 2019 in the framework of the month of the awareness on this disease.

The father of the singer Solange Knowles he indicated that it all started two months ago when he noticed that his shirts and sheets had specks of blood.

“I went to the doctorI did a mammography and it was quite clear that I had breast cancer,” said Knowles, of 67 years, by knowing the diagnosis was perplexed: “Of all the things that could have I have this. From the point of view of a man, I thought ‘why me.’”

One of her breasts was surgically removed and according to the website of the north american canal ABC, has scheduled the removal of the other for January of 2020. “I am following all the steps for my recovery”.

Blood tests showed in addition that had a mutation in the gene BRCA2that increases your risk of developing cancer of the breast, prostate, pancreas or melanoma.

“For the rest of my life I have to be very aware and do screening: mammograms constants, tests of prostate constants, constants, magnetic resonance imaging,” said Knowles, who was representative of Beyoncé at the beginning of the artist in the decade of the 90’s.

He recalled that the first call to be diagnosed was to his familyin part also because “as is genetic, it means that my daughters have a higher riskeven my grandchildren”.

“They handled it as they should have, they went and did the review” said without revealing details on the results.

Knowles said that it is essential that men, especially men of african descent, who are at increased risk of developing breast cancer, be aware of and do test.

“You can survive this, but it is important that it is detected early”, he insisted. “Not many men present to do the test”.

According to the Centers for Control and Prevention of Diseaseseach year about 245 000 women and 2 200 men are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Approximately 41 000 women and 460 men in the united States die annually from this condition.