“Friends”: 16 years after the end of the sitcom, five errors in the argument that you did not pass for high | Jennifer Aniston | Matthew Perry | Matt Le Blanc Series

Few series can boast of aging as well as “Friends. Or, at least, in what your audience data is concerned.

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Despite the fact that the 06 of may marked 25 years of its end, thousands and thousands of people around the world are still funny the nth reruns of one of the most famous series in the history of television.

A few do not know that Friends recounts the adventures of a group of friends formed by Rachel Green (played by Jennifer Aniston), Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) and Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow).

But perhaps only the more fanatical have been repaired in some errors or inconsistencies in their scripts and argument.

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Make No mistake: many, many other series have this same type of failures, or even much more serious.

The disadvantage to Friends is that their creators were not expecting the series I was going to be repeated ad nauseum in the future, so these errors are much more easy to detect for those who years later still devouring the adventures of the group of thirties addicted to coffee at Central Perk.

On the occasion of this 25th anniversary, in BBC World, we have made a list of five of the most eye-catching…. but surely you know others. Cuéntanoslos in the comments this post our account of Facebook.

Here is our selection of errors:

1. The long pregnancy of Rachel

The science is not exact in that pregnancy and does not always stretch by the well-known average of nine months.

Sometimes they last less, others more, but… do as much as a year?

Perhaps scientists should study the case of Rachel, who took a whopping twelve months to give birth his daughter Emma, the fruit of an encounter sporadic with Ross (in one of those moments in which your relationship was not “on a break”).

Maybe if now you see the repetition of the episodes in a row, or no particular order is difficult to discover this failure, but in its original broadcast left no doubt.

Rachel discovered her pregnancy after taking a test at the wedding of Monica and Chandler that was held at the end of the seventh season, in the month of may.

However, the episode in which Rachel spent hours in the hospital until you give birth not been issued until may of the following year, at the end of the eighth batch of chapters.

Apparently, no one realized this dance dates and, you know, to any doctor it occurred to him that it was a good idea to induce labor to avoid greater evils.

2. Their dubious dates of birth

Rachel should not only be studied by doctors, but also, perhaps, the guild of astrologers could find in it a unique case in the world.

It turns out that in one episode, Rachel tells Gunther (the barkeep of the Central Perk of hair color low-key, surprise surprise, is also secretly in love with her) that his birthday is the May 5.

However, in the chapter in which a police officer stopped the car that she drives with an experienced Ross as co-pilot, the agent asks Rachel her id and mention smiling when you see your date of birth that is Aquarius.

Definitely, something doesn’t add up considering that those who belong to this zodiac sign are born between January 20 and February 18.

So one of two: or Rachel lied to Gunther to avoid a surprise in your real date of birthday, or the police is not very knowledgeable about horoscopes, and used any strategy to respond to the flirtation with that Rachel wanted to (and succeeded) to avoid a fine.

It is not the only one with problems to remember what is your date of birth. In different episodes, Ross mentions that her birthday is in October and in December. Even worse, during several seasons, always said have 29 years.

Do another case study for science?

3. When Rachel and Chandler met (on several occasions)

As it could not be otherwise, the group of friends had its first meeting in the series in the Central Perk, the café spent more time in their own homes or places of work.

In that first chapter, Rachel came to the premises in a wedding dress after running from her wedding and reencontraba with Monica, her old friend from adolescence.

To introduce you to the rest of the friends, Rachel only knew Ross, the brother of Monica who was always secretly in love with her.

The funny thing is that, throughout the series, we discover that in reality Rachel and Chandler already knew prior to that meeting.

This was discovered thanks to the many “flashbacks” of the series, in which we see how years ago they agreed on several thanksgiving dinners in the home of his friends, Monica and Ross, and also in a party in which, in fact, Rachel and Chandler end up kissing.

But it was not the only “first encounter” for them: in an episode of the third season in which they remember how their lives were three years ago, when both match in the bar before it was converted into the Central Perk.

She has doubts about getting married or not, says he thinks having an affair with the first crossing. And there, obvious, he appeared willing Chandler to sacrifice… for that complete stranger.

4. The brother of Phoebe that had already appeared in the series

Another case of characters that saw it and didn’t seem to recognize the protagonist is Phoebe and Frank. Although in this case it is perhaps even more serious, taking into account that they are brothers.

In the episode of the second season in which Phoebe sang for the first time his great and misunderstood success Smelly Cat (“Cat stinky”), a young man gives masseuse a condom as a tip while she works on the street.

A year later, Phoebe meets her half-brother by his father, an eccentric young fan to “burn things” and that you would end up with triplets sired by him and his wife.

Yes, his brother turned out to be the same young man from the scene of the condom. But, of course, in the series never made mention that the two characters had already been crossed before. `

Do you simply not recognized, or it was a failure of script to have the same actor?

The explanation behind this apparent failure is simple. The makers of the series they hired first by actor Giovanni Ribisi as an extra. But I liked your first interpretation they decided to offer time after a recurring character as the younger brother of Phoebe.

The actor Giovanni Ribisi in his first performance on “Friends”, before you give life to the brother of Phoebe.

5. The numbers changing apartment

It’s easy for any fan to recognize the apartment walls purple which they shared, during the first seasons, Rachel and Monica right in front of Chandler and Joey.

After that, they were exchanged when they lost in the “lightning round” of quiz competition against the guys to see which group knew more at the other. And when Chandler went to live with Monica, Rachel was left with no choice other than to move to the Joey… but these are other stories.

As we say, recognize the interior of both apartments is simple, but maybe you do not would be so easy to identify them if you had to look them up by their doors, climbing the stairs of the building.

Have you ever notice that the protagonists lived in the apartments 4 and 5 at the beginning of the series and after… they changed to 19 and 20?

Doesn’t seem to have much sense taking in account that the housing remained the same, but the creators recognized that the change in numbers was due to a need of argument.

The logic indicates that a few apartments 4 and 5 would be probably on the ground floor of the building, so this would have prevented the protagonists have scenes on the terrace of the house of Rachel and Monica as those who spied on his neighbor, the mysterious “man ugly and naked.”

Scene from “Friends”. Photo: NBC


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