from John McEnroe to Serena Williams


“You can’t be serious!” Siad John McEnroe against the chair umpire at Wimbledon in 1981, but that is only one of the behaviors dramatic on the court, and because for generations, until Nick Kyrgios and Serena Williams, there were episodes controversial, boundary and unconscious.

How can we forget David Nalbandian when he strikes with a kick to a line judge? For example, five years ago, in the summer of 2015, Nick Kyrgios told Stan Wawrinka: “I Kokkinakis hit your girlfriend!” The swiss maintained a romantic relationship with Donna Vekic, who had been managing partner of Thanasi Kokkinaki.

Definitely that was one of the worst moments of that season. John McEnroe shouted: “you can’t talk seriously!” against the chair umpire at Wimbledon in 1981. One of the funniest moments, but not to the referee, of course.

A moment iconic in tennis, with a behavior controversial. In Hamburg 2015 there was an amazing bout between Fabio Fognini and Rafael Nadalwith the Italian, who clearly told the Spanish: “no me rompas los huevos!” in Spanish, which translated would be: “don’t fuck with me!” At Wimbledon 1995, Jeff Tarango he was the protagonist of one of the worst behaviors in the history of tennis: to silence the crowd, then discuss it with the umpire Bruno Rebeuh, between the laughter and the whistles of the crowd, said to him, “you Are one of the officials most corrupt in the game! ”

The dramas of Serena Williams, the madness of David Nalbandian

And how can we forget the US Open 2009? Serena Wlliams‘ what drama? Serena was disqualified against Kim Clijsters on a failure of standing.

The wrath of the american left the court, was against the line judge and the chair umpire. In June of 2010 Stefan Koubek lost control against Daniel Koellerer: after a exultation of his rival, Stefan took Daniel by the neck!

And was obviously disqualified. Not to be imitated. In the Miami Open 2008, Mikhail Youzhny lost a point against Nicolas Almagro. Taken by a moment of frustration, he hit the racket with the head, to draw blood. This also, best not to imitate him ..

In the field of lawn immaculate tournament Queen’s 2012, David Nalbandian hit with a kick a line judge. That was one of the worst episodes in a tennis court. The referee immediately disqualified. In the final of the US Open in 2018 Serena Williams he protested strongly against the referee, pointing his finger.

The end of New York took to the american as the protagonist’s negative: his reaction to the chair umpire, right or wrong, was certainly not worthy of a champion like her. Then, of course, there are so many other behaviors bad on the tennis courts that I could write a book: these certainties, among which those of Nick Kyrgios, Serena Williams and John McEnroe are still the most iconic, fun, and famous: but not by imitation .