Funko Pop celebrates the 20th anniversary of the X-Men


Marvel and Funko Pop together to satisfy the desires of the fans of both, and this time do it with something unexpected. This year marks 20 years since the X-Men to appear in our lives. It was back in the year 2000, when we saw for the first time in theaters the beginnings of this famous saga. It premiered in the month of July, making this summer a great success at the box office and laying the groundwork for the later films of superheroes Mavel. It is currently positioned, as well as the first film of this style that launched.

Funko Pop wants to celebrate their 20 years and offer to the fans of their figures a saga of the X-Men that can be purchased with a pre-booking not to be left without them. Is expected to have a great reception by fans of the saga, therefore, Funko has offered pre-booking, so the more excited for this collection can access it.

And for those who are wondering when they will be able to have between his hands the figures in the latest of the X-Men, will be starting on the 13th of July. Have indicated that date from Funko Pop because it coincides with the premiere of the first movie of X-Men, one more way to give a recognition.

Don’t forget that you can reserve your figures with the characters of classic X-Men two decades after the debut. There is No better way for fans of this saga celebrating its twentieth anniversary this summer and to commemorate the occasion by purchasing the Pop new Funko offers. The designs of the figures are already available to be able to discover how they are.

The series will launch in the figures will be inspired by the characters from the movies X-Men, as Wolverine, Storm, Phoenix, Rogue, Rondador Nocturno, Mystique, Charles Xavier, Magneto, Cyclops, Beast… And even offer several versions of some of the characters, like Wolverine.

Funko pop X-men 20th anniversary

In the famous movie can be seen superheroes mutants and their enmity with the villain. Their features are shown in the figures, highlighting their most representative characteristics. Although the release of the figures is on the occasion of the commemoration of the 20 years of the premiere of the first film, they range from the first film to the more recent, therefore, you will find a number of figures of the same character, inspired by the different actors and actresses that interpreted them. Advances the company that, for example, the shape of the Magnet will be inspired by Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender, or the Mystic will have figures inspired by Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca top romijn. This way, you are directed to the public fan of the early films as of the past and the staunch followers of the story.

The series will honor the 20 years of X-Men without, for the moment, there are plans for a new movie of the saga. For the moment, will have to be content with the good news that the company has given to know, and that excites the fans of the comics and of the famous figures collectibles Funko Pop. Those who keep collections of Pops of your favorite movies and series can not miss the appointment that Funko has prepared for them with a pre-booking of the figures of its mutants favorites of Marvel.

These are the figures that can be booked

These are all the figures that will be available from July and can be purchased to complete the collections of Pops.

  • Figures of Magneto, inspired by Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender
  • Figure of Cyclops inspired by James Marsden
  • Figure of Wolverine inspired by Hugh Jackman
  • Figure of Charles Xavier inspired by Patrick Stewart
  • Figure of Beast inspired by Kelsey Grammer
  • Figure of Storm inspired by Halle Berry
  • Figure of the Rogue, inspired by Anna Paquin
  • Figure of Jean Grey inspired by Famke Janssen
  • Figures of Mysticism inspired by Rebecca’s top romijn and Jennifer Lawrence
  • Figure of Nightcrawler inspired Alan Cumming

The big news of the celebration of the 20th anniversary on the part of Funko’s Pop with a new line of mini figures inspired by the X-Men gave it to know the company through their social networks. His followers were not slow to echo and waiting for an avalanche of bookings of well-known figures at the global level.

Without a doubt, it is an initiative applauded by the fans of the film saga of the X-Men, created by 20th Century Fox, which has been one of the franchises of super heroes most revered by the followers of the productions of Marvel.

There is No better way to remember one of the great sagas of superheroes who, with their characters and their characters turned into figures more famous and keep forever, a collection that will remind us of our childhood and the great times that each of the movies of the saga has made us pass.