Halle Berry makes now company Keanu Reeves in Fortnite


The official collaboration between Epic Games and Lionsgate to bring the world of John Wick to Fortnite not finished with the implementation of the official look of Keanu Reeves and the event of the movie, it now also comes Sofia to the game.

Is now available in the shop the look of this killer of the film with the model Halle Berry, the actress who gives life in the film the old friend and new ally of Baba Yaga.

Sofia is part of a package of cosmetics from John Wick and also to receive a new backpack and a spout with the shape of the deck that the character of Keanu Reeves used to put an end to his retirement.

The look of Sofia costs 1,500 turkeys at the store of the game, the equivalent of about about €15.

Currently Fortnite is located in the event’s 14 days of summer, so every day, he pulls a gun, the camera, comes a new MTL, and more activities to keep us busy.