How to a Leonardo DiCaprio film inspired ‘Teenage Dream’ by Katy Perry


“Teenage Dream” remains one of the most popular songs of Katy Perry. Capture the joy of young love in a way that few songs do. It should be No surprise to fans that the song was inspired by the youth of Bonnie McKee, one of the collaborating regular of Perry.

Specifically, McKee was thinking about their feelings, teenagers about children. Like many other women, McKee fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. One of his romantic movies more famous helped McKee to conceive of the song.

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The origins of Shakespeare’s “teen Dream” Katy Perry

“Teenage Dream” has its origin in a song of vulgar Teenagers called “Homecoming”. The composer Benny Blanco encouraged McKee and Perry to write a song inspired by their environment. While writing the song, McKee was influenced by his past.

McKee told the author Alex Kazemi: “I Thought in my teenage years, my first love. I thought I’d see Romeo + Juliet, Baz Luhrmann, and put a small light ball disco and dream with Leo [the star of the film]. I thought me and my friends sitting at slumber parties in the 90’s, giddy even THINKING about the children. When love and sex were still mysterious and magical “.

The trailer of Romeo + Juliet

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McKee was inspired by those feelings to write the song. Although the final product is not much like “Homecoming” of Teenagers, the song inspired her to use the word “teen”. She felt that the word was very descriptive.

Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare remains one of the encapsulations literary’s most powerful young love. It is not surprising that one of its many film adaptations have inspired a song like “Teenage Dream”. While Romeo + Juliet inspired something of the atmosphere of the song, McKee said that the song really joined when he came up with the phrase “Teenage Dream”.

The other elements that helped the song to join

“Teen dream” Katy Perry

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McKee told Billboard before it occurred to him the sentence: “we Had some sort of crap filler that nobody felt good or satisfied. Then I went and I thought well, for me, I looked long and hard in the mirror and said: “This is your time Eminem 8 miles, don’t fuck around”. And then “teen dream” came to me. Then, once we had the words “teen dream”, the rest really fell into place. “

Although the contributions of McKee to the song were important, Perry co-wrote the song. According to MTV, described the process of writing the song as a moment of “pure” for her because she wrote the song in Santa Barbara, California, the place where he grew up and the place where he began his journey as an artist. It seems that there was an element of nostalgia in the writing process of the song both for McKee as to Perry. Perhaps the genuine yearning of the track by the simplicity of youth is part of the reason that connected with so many people.

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