I, showing curves! So live the quarantine Mia Khalifa


Photo taken from Instagram of Mia Khalifa.

The quarantine has not been an excuse for Mia Khalifa stop your exercise routine, an activity that usually began to share in Instagram after retiring from her career as an actress of adult videos.

Although he has complained about his need to return to the gym, Mia Khalifa tries to stay in physical form from home, even some of his followers have been amazed by their new appearance and there are those who speculate about these changes, because it now looks a lot more thin.

Recently, the former actress has also ventured into the network TikTok, where he participates in different challenges together with her boyfriend. In such a network has little more than six million followers.

Mia Khalifa promotes staying home to avoid infection, but their concerns also focus on his eventual wedding with Robert Sandberg, scheduled for June of this year.

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