If there are flare-ups, there will be confinement again: AMLO

Before the start of what he calls the “new normal”, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that if there is an order and discipline and is given a regrowth, you are going to recommend closing again.

“If we keep us with healthy distance, if we go out of our houses only to what is indispensable, if we respect the health measures, then gradually we will go back to normal,” he said in his conference, this time held in Cancun, Quintana Roo.

“If we do not do so in an orderly fashion, with discipline, and that produces the infection and are presented recurrences, then we are going to close again and I want to say close recommend close, nothing of impositions and a return to authoritarianism, from the beginning we have been able to move forward by the responsible attitude of the people, without the need for curfews, bans, the people have acted very responsible.”

He added that if there is a regrowth would inform people to stay at home, in confinement.

“What we would do if a regrowth is to tell the people there that again to stay at home, to confinement and to save lives, which is the most important, but if you carefully go back to normal it is going to be something important for everyone, because it improves the economy, not only the national economy, the popular economy, the family economy.

Assured that it is necessary to go to the “new normal” as there are people that are looking for a life from day to day.

“Here are the approaches are also different, if we are public servants we have secured our salary, that we charge every week, every 15 days, every month, but there are many mexicans who are seeking life day by day”, he added.

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