In quarantine, Maluma and Jennifer Lopez, were filmed at a distance and over, “Marry me”


At a distance: he is from Colombia, and she from the united States. In this way, Maluma and Jennifer Lopez, were filmed for the coronavirus not stop them from to finish the shooting of “Marry me” (Marry me). The new foray into the cinema of JLo is this romantic comedy that coprotagoniza with Maluma. In the story that, like all movies, you do not have a release date, both of them singers famous.

“We were not sure how it would work. We connect by Zoom and there we started doing the scenes with Maluma,” said Jennifer Lopez.

Thus, in “Marry me”, Jennifer Lopez plays a diva pop and Maluma to a rockstarand it is he who the leaves planted in the altar for the eccentric wedding staged in the Madison Square Garden. Faced with the situation of spite, JLo look at the multitude of guests, choose one -the actor Owen Wilson-and go home with him. Like all the productions of Hollwood, the shooting was suspended. But JLo told how they did with Maluma to film together the last few scenes despite the quarantine.

We were not sure how it would work the filming,” said Jennifer Lopez to the magazine Variety. “Maluma is Colombia and I in Miami. But hey, they came to my house, installed a camera and lights, and by the issue of social distancing, once they stopped all armed they were. Then we connect Zoom and there we start to make the scenes with Maluma. At times it was weird at times because the two said: ‘!Silence!’ because it is filtered noise. It was fun. And as we proceeded with the filming, we discovered how to make the scenes to get them to work. That is not the ideal way of making a feature film, but we filmed it as well and all of that will be in the movie.”

“With Maluma, as we proceeded with the filming, we discovered how to make it to work and we filmed it all as well”, said the explosive singer.

For Maluma and Jennifer Lopez, there was no quarantine or coronavirus which stop them from ending “Marry me”. To such a point that it turned out filmed that movie already is in post-production. If the scheme of release date is maintained, the film that filmed the sexy colombian and the explosive JLo should be brand new in September. But with few cinemas licensed in the united States, and with the delay that has the guide of premieres of Hollywood, or Maluma and neither Jennifer Lopez risk the date on which both they walked the carpet of the premiere.