Incredible: Look at what he did Karol G to his sister, This time you passed!


The famous was talking with one of her sisters when it is not resisted and we did something pretty nasty. Many of her fans have expressed that you should not do that since without a doubt it was too much what do you what do you think?

The beautiful singer Karol G born in Medellin, Colombia without any doubt, this is one of the singers of urban music world’s most important, then getting your music crosses so many borders, which neither she herself imagined was going to happen.

At present, Karol G it has just 29 years of age and already has become one of the celebrities female most important in the whole world, this, of course, along with other artists of great renown such as what are Shakira, Becky G and Natti Natasha.

And that is thanks to the great creativity, talent and skill that possesses the artist is now known for being one of the female singers more award-winning year, and this its millions of fans hope that you will keep for much longer.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that Karol G it has a personality, quite outgoing, which leads them to behave many times in a funny way, but in some videos its millions of followers have been able to notice that it happens with their jokes.

In fact, in this occasion we can see a short video in which the famous he made a risky joke to one of their sisters, which is characterized in ask the familiar sounds made by some animals, and then finish with the song of the whale and end up spitting in the face of the person. Many believe that to Karol G he went on a little hand What do you think about it?