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Many of those who follow the day-to-day Kendall Jenner popularized in various social platforms a photo that she shared on Instagram Stories. In this image, the muse of the walkways appears wearing dark glasses and a face mask that covers your nose and mouth.

Several of the users who saw the photo believed that the model had been expressed that way his fear COVID-19, virus that is currently affecting thousands of people in more than twenty countries.

Kendall Jenner he is terrified at the COVID-19. This is why you are taking such security measures due to the spread of the virus by the united States,” said a tweeter that is attached to the image that we leave below.

This is the photo that went up Kendall Jenner to Instagram Stories. (@kendalljenner)
This is the photo that went up Kendall Jenner to Instagram Stories. (@kendalljenner)

Do you FEAR?

What is more likely is that everything is a coincidence rather peculiar since the photo was spread in the Instagram Stories days before it was known the first cases of people with COVID-19 in the united States.

With the passing of the days, the image of Kendall Jenner it can become much more popular due to the great amount of fans who owns the networks.


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