Jennifer Aniston posed in this sexy swimsuit at the start of his career


Just when Friends I was beginning to become comedy in the most successful of the story, Jennifer Aniston is positioning itself as the star of the moment, the most requested by all of the magazines and television programs.

In a session of photos that made it to the prestigious Rolling Stones, in the year of 1999Jennifer posed with a swimsuit out of range: red and full of precious stones, a look that the public does not normally see in the interpreter of the maniacal and malcriada Rachel.

The account Instagram @90sanxiety it was the one that shared the photo on social networks, leaving the head to his followers, who were not slow on commenting how good you looked, Jennifer Aniston, and how little has changed.

Among the people that gave a like to the image was Kourtney Kardashian who on previous occasions has named actress Emmy award winner as one of his inspirations when it comes to maintaining the ideal body.

Jennifer Aniston at the peak of his career

Jennifer Aniston, at present, is working in the series Morning Glory, Apple Tv, for which he has received numerous compliments from the public and the press, and also won the prize of Union of Actors to the Best actress in a tv drama. The best moment of his career.

A meeting with your ex, Brad Pittshe turned on the alarms of a possible reconciliation between the two but the actors have been ordered to shut them up, pointing out that they are good friends and want to maintain a positive connection.

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