Jennifer Lawrence the the at the Oscars


Jennifer Lawrence once again becomes the center of attention in the ceremony of the Oscars, and is that the actress always gets to be the center of attention.

In the Oscars of the year 2013, the actress walked towards the stage to collect his Oscar the best actress by ‘The good side of things’, when she stumbled over her dress on the stairs of the stage, which made it become the undisputed protagonist of the night.

And it seems that Jennifer Lawrence likes that the whole world speaks of it for the prizes as in thes Golden Globes the year 2013 had an accident with her dress exposing her legs and making the whole world speak of the little incident.

Tonight, Jennifer Lawrence has not fallen off or have been taught any part of your body, although it was very fun jumping from one seat to another as if the park were, with a glass of white wine in hand, the actress seemed to be enjoying it to the maximum of the ceremony.