Jennifer Lopez reveals the secret of your fabulous tan


There are plenty who want that golden skin tone with the dazzles Jennifer Lopez and that only adds points to your style. Do you think that is an unattainable desire? We can assure you that is not. Like every celebrity has secrets that he revealed, but this is not one of them for free-fortune of all!

The actress and singer has recently unveiled that in addition to follow a rigorous routine to take care of your skin, there is a product that is your infallibleand I could say, is his greatest blessing to radiate with that tan that they have envied in all Hollywood and the whole planet.

Jennifer Lopez makes the contrast of her skin dressed in yellow©Getty Images
The desire of many is to look the same brightness on the skin, which the singer

Swipe to shine

To get that healthy glow and skin as kissed by the sun –even when it is very careful of exposing yourself to the rays of the sun king– the diva Bronx it is faithful to the bronzer of Serge Lutens ($170). One of their favorite products and recommend without hesitation. What are the results? Are to the eye. “Does the unique product without which I cannot live? The tanning Serge Lutens, which I love. I don’t know if they know what it is. Nothing fancy, “he said Jennifer Lopez in an interview to the The Cut.

Bronzer from Serge Lutens©Serge Lutens
With this cosmetic the diva from the Bronx will get a lot more brightness to your complexion

More than color

The must of the celeb it was created by famed makeup artist, and French perfumer Serge Lutensto offer –as indicated by the firm– is of compact texture, silky and lightthat uses color to redefine the complexion and accentuate the contours of the face, giving a final touch of perfection. “Offers a color that is discreet and barely visible“.

Jennifer Lopez parading in Milan©Getty Images
The secret beauty of Jennifer Lopez focus on much care of their skin