Jennifer Lopez: These are the 3 entries more views of World of Dance



Already launched, the successful television program, directed by the famous Jennifer LopezWorld of Dance” in its fourth season. This reality show is one of the dance competitions, accuracy and athletics more view in the world. And is known for its variety of styles like: hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, real-dance and more. The participants, compete to win 1 million dollarsand the title well earned the best dancer in the world.

After the start of the television program on the 27th of may, have already published 8 shares stellar the official account of Youtube of the show. But as in any competition, there are major competitors that have already set the standard. It is for this that we will share the top three of the best presentations and the ones that have been most played through the platform of the videos. And What said the bride of Alex Rodriguez about it?

1.- Team Oxigen

The team of the Upper Division, Oxygen, from the Netherlands and was a number that made the judge Derek Hough “I felt that I had never seen that before”. This routine under the melody of “Lovely” Billie Eilish and The Weeknd, was based in creating beautiful formations with their bodies. Aligned in column, his arms and legs were able to create fluid images of symmetrical shape. Jennifer Lopez said “I know how difficult that is, because we try to do so, and can not achieve with my dancers are so clean.”

2.- Bailey & Kida

These young dancers are no strangers to fame, as they have hundreds of followers on social networks and have appeared alongside major celebrities. Kida published in Instagramtheir dance routines and also conducts classes live via the social network of the intáneas. And appeared on renowned tv programs such as ‘The Ellen Show’. While in the case of Bailey is known for her dance videos, viral with celebrities such as Janet Jackson.

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3.- Savannah Manzel

The nine year old girl was quiet, cold and serene when he entered his hearing of producers and saw Ne-Yo, Jennifer Lopez and Derek Hough waiting there. Despite his young age. didn’t seem to feel any pressure when he danced to the trio, but his performance was so spectacular that it literally stopped the show with her, ending the episode with his performance. In regards to Lopez say to you: “you’re a dancer incredible”, who described the young hopeful as “strong,” “athletic performance” and “flexible”.