Julia Roberts and Penelope Cruz give up their social networks at the service of humanity before the Covid-19


In the fight against the coronavirus everything will be worth it. Well said is a saying of the sum of small efforts, are born great changes. This week the celebrities of Hollywood as Julia Roberts and Penelope Cruz were told the good news to their followers, that also borders on a noble action. Both joined a long list of public figures to support the campaign, called #PassTheMic (“Pass the mic” in Spanish) that promotes the organization ONE.

This institution works to eradicate extreme poverty and preventable diseases. But, how performs this solidarity action? Well, the celebrities give up their social networks to the experts Covid-19 and medical staff. So that in their accounts on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram the specialists share important information about this diseasealready logged more than 5 million people were infected and 332 thousand deaths.

Hugh Jackman, Shailene Woodley or Millie Bobbie Brown are some of the most well known faces in this initiative. While Cruz decided to post a video on the network of hearts and throw a message: “From tomorrow a few of my friends and I will join One to pass the microphone to the real stars: the experts in Covid-19. Because to beat this virus in any place we have to beat him everywhere.”

Julia Roberts and Penelope Cruz work in solidarity

Sarah Jessica Parker or Rita Wilson also said “Yes” to this proposal, which aims to impart information from first line of the hand of a group of specialists. In addition, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds made important donations to medical institutions like the own Penelope’s with Javier Bardem, who made delivery of 100,000 gloves and 20,000 masks at the hospital La Paz in Madrid, Spain.

Both actresses have long faced other solidarity initiatives in the world, perhaps not linked to the health crisis by the coronavirusbut if they turn their gaze towards noble causes. For example, Julia Roberts led next to the former prime lady of the united States, Michelle Obama, a series of conferences in which orientas young women about female empowerment. Coupled with this, give you tools to that can cope by themselves in society and not have to be victims of harassment.