Karol G exploits in the nets against the racism and the division by races


The death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis has been around the world and in recent days the united States has been in the crosshairs of the entire planet because of the protests and the disasters caused in the pursuit of justice. Messages against racism have gained strength, but the protests have gotten out of control and almost 40 cities of the USA has decreed a curfew.

Sports personalities, music, television, politics and entertainment (to mention a few sectors) have spoken about it to demand justice on the death of George Floyd, but also to make a call to the current society and the eradication of racism and the division of races. Among them is Karol G, singer-songwriter colombian, who sowed controversy in their social networks.

“I don’t know who came up with divide the society by “races”. You do not have a friend-white, a cousin of black or a fellow caucasian. You have a friend, a cousin and a companion. Fuck That”he wrote on his official Twitter account.

Division of opinions on the subject

After this message, Karol G received the response from many users on Twitter, some advising her to inform you more about the topic; others supported his cause, but stressed that at present this is a complex topic and it would be almost impossible that the whole world is put according to the time to talk about skin color, race or gender.