Karol G related to its dog in the fight against racism


Several cities in the united States lived intense days of protests against racism and police violence this weekend, with episodes of heavy fighting between protesters and the security forces.

The motto “I can not breathe”, the last words of the african-american George Floyd before dying in police custody, became one of the prayers that most echoed in multiple cities of the north american country.

Social networks, as you’d expect in this digital era, played a big role by being platforms of dissemination of hundreds of videos, images, gifs, and notes of how they lived these manifestations with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter (The lives of black matter).

Several artists decided to join this rally, as did the singer paisa, Karol G, who is based in the united States. However, her comment on Twitter was not received with “good eyes”.

Karol G shared the picture of a puppy of breed Bulldog with black and white spots, accompanied with the message: “The perfect example of the white and the black together look beautiful.”

Despite the fact that the triune already exceeded 18 thousand ‘likes’ in a few hours, the criticism towards the performer of hits such as ‘Tusa’ did not wait when you minimize a problem of hundreds of years with an image of a dog, just to join the trend.

These were some of the criticisms

Karol G and its triune on racism

Since last may 30 Karol G has trinado several messages against racism. In one of them said he did not know who came up with dividing the society by races.