Kate del Castillo pulls out the brow, and share the disaster


With the quarantine, the greater part of salons (if not all) are closed before the sanitary contingency, so that Kate del Castillo had to apply the DIY (do it yourself) and remove the flange myself, but not everything turned out as expected. Kate del Castillo pulls out the brow, and share the disaster.

It was through your account of Instagram that Kate del Castillo published a picture where it emerges his lack of practice to perform routines of beauty, as the shaved eyebrowthat, surely, leaves in the hands of the experts.

And is that, during this quarantine, all we have had to adapt to what we have at home, in order to avoid going out as little as possible to the streets. There are celebs who have been placed in the hands of their wives for them to cut the hair, and others who prefer to walk to the natural, to avoid complications.

But, despite the fact that hair removal brow of Kate del Castillo didn’t end as expectedthe gorgeous actress received a myriad of compliments on the part of their followers, who recognized its beauty, in spite of every thing, and the eyebrow ended up being in the background.

“What I know, the eyebrows were really bad, but it is what it is. We will get through it together”, expressed in the publication.

Although the protagonist of “The Queen of the South” has confessed to be a little anxious about being separated from your familythanks to the technology remain in contact, and in addition, it maintained its position of staying at home to protect yourself, and protect others.

In addition, not all of it is locked up, because even in quarantine, Kate del Castillo do not stop working, proof of this is the virtual event which will be a sharer in it, Salma Hayek and Zoe Saldanain order to raise funds for the foundation Dolores Huerta, who celebrated her birthday number 90, which will help vulnerable people and front-line workers in the fight against the coronavirus.

The appointment is this Saturday, may 30 through Facebook Live, of Dolores Huerta. You can follow her HERE.

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