Katy Perry was “clinically depressed” after the failure of his last album



Katy Perry

The singer has spoken about her “unsafe” days after his latest album “Witness” (2017).

Singer Katy Perry has opened up about her “unsafe” days after his latest album “Witness” (2017) was below expectations.

The young man of 35 years revealed that was clinically depressed after the launch when he realized that he had put a lot of expectations in the validation of their music, according to the English newspaper Metro.

“Witness”, which was my last album, left me very upset and depressed, clinically,” he said during a recent interview.

“I became very insecure and I had to undertake a journey, emotionally as well as spiritually and psychologically, to understand why he hoped both the validation of the material. I had to realize that everything related to my career is not all that life is, is just a part of who I am “.

Katy ensures that work on their problems, helped her to create her next album.

She continued: “This new album is a snapshot of the actual capacity of recovery, which is my favorite word, because I’ve been writing in the last two years. Actually I went through that journey and he left many beautiful songs ”.

The next album of Katy, whose title is yet to be revealed, will be launched on the 14th of August and will present songs that has been written in the last two years.


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