Kim Kardashian reveals the secret behind his physique sexy, the computer you are using


Kim Kardashian allows all your followers to see your daily routine of exercises and the equipment he uses. (Photo: David Shankbone / CC BY (

Kim Kardashian is still in good shape despite the close national, that prohibits all go to the gym. Then, to give some advice to their 173 million followers in Instagram, revealed the secret behind his sexy body and the equipment he uses.

Kim Kardashian gave her fans a glimpse of how she manages to stay in shape despite being in quarantine. The wife of Kanye West shared his secrets and training team that helped her stay in shape.

In a publication on its history of Instagram, the star 39-year-old revealed that she had the hardest workout of your life, labeling your coach Melissa Alcantara. In that moment, he began walking on the treadmill for 15 minutes, on the slope 14 with a speed of 2.5. Did four rounds of that with a vest of 20 pounds.

He also did four times of the band within and outside of agility, last squats, 100 mountain climbers bosu, 60 squat jump TRX and ten burpees with weight. The star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians also showed what they got while doing the exercise.

Kim Kardashian wore a pair of the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Kanye West in tone Yechiel and leggings black workout cropped. Your vest with weights, bands and other exercise equipment were placed on the floor while doing your workout at home.

To reveal more about the secret of his client, Alcantara revealed in an interview with Hollywood Life on February that your training is constantly changing, depending on the current shape of your body and your performance objectives. But, in general, are working to increase their strength, and are 100% sustainable to have an active lifestyle and in shape. Always includes squats, dead lifts and thrusts for good measure and gains of the day of the leg.

Kim Kardashian also loves to do exercises that have something to do with jump and walking lunges. Alcantara also told Women’s Health Magazine that the television personality you love to do exercise in the morning, like at 6 to.m.

The celebrity trainer not only helps the mother of four to keep your body in shape, but also inspires other people to share their personal stories of transformation in your own power. Fans can also train with their own training programs in the application Fitplan.

Unlike Kourtney Kardashian, who focuses more on cardio, Kim Kardashian chooses to do more resistance training. Eighty-five percent of his practice is the training with weights, and the other 15 are cardio. When it comes to get and stay in shape, Alcantara said that consistency is the key and that is what is making your customer.

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