Kylie Jenner, has been expelled from the list ‘Forbes’ to inflate their figures | People


The Kardashian are back in the spotlight but this time it is not an extravagance or a new reality show. The issue goes beyond and facing economic problems, of reputation, and, above all, legal. The prestigious magazine Forbesproduced several collections of characters of the world’s richest, has been expelled from one of these lists to Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian. Jenner, owner of an empire cosmetic that bears his name, was considered little more than a year as a young woman, the richest in the world to achieve 1,000 billion dollars with just 21 years.

However, now Forbes rocket and dismantles that theory, accusing Jenner of inflating their figures. The magazine has reduced the fortune of the star and californian of more than 1,000 $ 900 million, and he has published a harsh article entitled “Within the web of lies Kylie Jenner: why is milmillonaria”. Forbes he explains that, when at the end of 2019 Jenner sold 51% of their firm to the multinational Coty for us $ 600 million, it seemed to reaffirm his status as a billionaire. But this was not so.

“The documents published by Coty —publicly traded company— the last six months reveal one of the best kept secrets of the family: the business of Jenner is significantly smaller, and less profitable, the family has spent years leading the cosmetic industry and the media, including Forbes” sums up the magazine, ducking his head and recognizing of their guilt.

The business has gone in their own defense on their social networks. “I thought that this was a half-respectable. All I see are assertions vague and assumptions are not tested. I have never claimed a title nor have I tried to lie about how I have come up here, ever, and point,” wrote Jenner on Twitter, ensuring that the claims of the magazine against her were very weak and trying to downplay it. “But well, I feel blessed, I have a daughter that is wonderful and a successful business and I’m doing perfectly well. I can name a list of 100 more important things right now are obsessed with how much money I have”, he explained.

However, the issue may go beyond a scuffle between Kylie Jenner —the youngest daughter of Kris Jenner, mother and manager to turn the famous Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian and model Kendall Jenner— and the publication. To begin with, because it can make you lose money to your business real. On Friday, Coty (also owner of brands such as the capillary Wella, lacquers OPI nail or tools to the hair, ghd) lost 13% of its quotation on the stock exchange. In addition, as has been declared legal experts on the journal Daily Mailthis could make that Jenner had to face an investigation by the Justice Department of the united STATES.

According to the publication, even though they can’t prove that the documents presented to them the family were false, they are convinced that the followers of Jenner were deceived in the figures. “Of course, they expect white lies, omissions, and even fabrications direct from the family that perfected (and then monetizó) the concept of ’famous for being famous,” says the publication. “But, like the obsession with Donald Trump for decades with his heritage, the ends unusual that the Jenner have been willing to reach —including the invitation to Forbes to enter in their mansions and offices, and even the fact of filing income tax returns that were probably counterfeit— reveals how desperate are some of the super-rich in order to appear even more rich.” In addition, they are analysts who claim that the value of the family and their profits are inflated.

For the publication, although Jenner has pocketed more than $ 340 million (after-tax) from the sale of your business to Coty, and the young woman is far from achieving the status of milmillonaria. Nor does it help that the business will generate 125 million away from the 360 that the entrepreneur had stated; or that its new line of facial care is far from selling 100 million in the first month and a half: won 25 million in the entire first year. “If Kylie Cosmetics achieved $ 125 million in sales in 2018, how can you have made 307 in 2016, as suggested by the declaration of taxes of the company, or 330 in 2017?”, ask for the magazine. As says one of the analysts: “let us Not forget that the Kardashian-Jenner are in the entertainment business, and the business of entertainment everything should be inflated to attract attention”.